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Andrea Communications

Andrea Communications is an established manufacturer of headphones, headsets and microphones for the Education Marketplace. Our industry leading audio products are built to withstand the rigors of daily classroom use. The Micker Pro, our latest product release, is an all-in-one PA microphone suitable for use in auditoriums, lecture theatres, and more. 

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Claro Software

Claro Software develops software for people with print and reading difficulties like dyslexia, vision problems, and communication difficulties like autism and aphasia.

We are experts in accessibility, speech synthesis, word prediction, spellchecking and switch access, and combine them to make innovative, cost-effective, easy-to-use products on Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Android, iPad and iPhone, and on the Web.

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Concept Northern

Concept Northern specialise in supporting people with disabilities and learning difficulties in employment, education and privately. We have helped thousands of individuals including DSA Students, Access to Work clients and many institutions and organisations. 

We strive to treat each client as an individual ensuring we meet their needs and circumstances.

By working closely with Assessors, Educational Psychologists and HR and Managerial Staff we provide people with the technology, skills and confidence to be more productive and happier in the workplace, education and at home.

Our Key Skills Include:

Assistive Technology Assessments, Assistive Technology Training, Keeping ahead of new technology

Coaching, Mentoring, Disability Awareness Training

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Crick Software

Crick Software produces award-winning reading, writing and communications software for children of all ages and abilities. Its products are widely used to support pupils with dyslexia, learning difficulties, speech or language impairments, physical disabilities and other special needs.

The company's best-known product is Clicker, which is currently used in thousands of UK primary and special schools. The latest version, Clicker 7, builds on the success of its predecessors and makes it even easier for teachers to provide personalised literacy support across the curriculum - from planning, to writing, to proofing.

DocsPlus provides support for digital exam papers and helps struggling writers in secondary school and Further Education. DocsPlus’ support features include document reader, speech feedback, word prediction, subject-specific writing frames and word banks, and a mind-map creator.

iPads and Chromebooks

Our proven writing and communications support titles are also available as iPadand Chromebookapps.

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Dad In A Shed

Dad In A Shed are the UK’s leading supplier of affordable AAC and SEN Equipment. They specialise in iPad and Android Tablet bundles, with preinstalled AAC apps. Dad In A Shed are also independent developers of their own range of software for Home Automation, AAC with Articuloud, as well as a range of accessible hardware. Dad In A Shed also works with other independent and small scale suppliers across Europe, to bring affordable and accessible technology to the market. Dad In A Shed will be attending both days of the CALL roadshow and will be exhibiting and demonstrating their kit.   

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Doorway Online

Doorway Online - – a Teacher's Toolbox

Doorway Online’s free attractive and engaging web-based activities cover early literacy; number; money; time; typing tutors for visual impaired and single-handed users. (Also available on CD.) Accessibility options make them ideal for IWBs, eye-gaze and switch operation. New developments allow some activities to be used on iPads and other tablet devices.

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iansyst has over 35 years’ experience in working with schools, colleges and universities to provide IT solutions, assistive technology, consultancy and support. We source the highest quality special educational needs software and technology to assist students with learning difficulties, physical or sensory impairments. One of our key aims is to see that anyone who needs assistive technology has access to it, as we know what a difference it can make.

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IDLS (International Dyslexia Learning Solutions) is a subsidiary of the Awarding Organisation and not-for-profit education charity, Ascentis. IDLS provide Dyslexia and Dyscalculia software to primary and secondary schools across the country. 


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Inclusive Technology

Inclusive Technology is a leading supplier of software and hardware for people with special needs. We dedicate ourselves to providing pioneering assistive technology to our customers worldwide and this enables us to deliver the very best in special educational needs software and assistive technology for learners with a physical disability, sensory impairment or learning difficulty. From ground breaking virtual reality, eye gaze and communication technology through to switch access, mounting solutions, sensory technology and environmental control, we provide a full range of innovative products to enable our customers to communicate, learn and play. Recent additions have included Inclusive ClassVR, enhanced access to iPads and other tablets; our online subscription services HelpKidzLearn, ChooseIt Maker 3 and Readymades as well as eye gaze technology analysis for learners with severe and profound learning difficulties via Insight.


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Inspiration Software

Leader in Visual Thinking and Learning
Recognised as the leader in visual thinking and learning, Inspiration Software, Inc.'s award-winning technology tools are based on proven visual learning methodologies that help students and teachers think, learn, brainstorm, analyse and write. The company’s visual learning tools are used by more than 25 million people worldwide and are revolutionising visual thinking and learning in education. Inspiration®, Inspiration® Maps, Kidspiration® and Kidspiration®  Maps inspire students and creative thinkers to develop strong thinking and organisational skills, improve their academic performance and tap the power of visual thinking.

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KAZ Type Limited

The skill of touch typing gives neurodivergent individuals a new and powerful medium for learning and communicating. 

KAZ’s new Neurodiverse Typing Software was developed with advice and guidance from the Dyslexia Research Trust and teaches typing skills, whilst minimising disturbances related to visual stress by means of a unique ‘preference screen’ – tailor making the course to each individual.

  • It is the only award winning, multi-sensory touch typing course which offers a ‘City & Guilds Assured’ edition.
  • Developed by experts in course structure and innovation and approved by the Open University.
  • Uses a unique and proven accelerated learning teaching method, using both brain balance and muscle memory - which is why it is so effective.
  • Ages6+. Online or Download for MAC and PC.

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“LexAble is a dynamic software company based in Cardiff. They will be demonstrating their product Global AutoCorrect: a discreet tool that automatically corrects spelling mistakes and typos in real time. It works straight out of the box, in every program, instantly correcting millions of misspellings. It now has over 130 specialist dictionaries installed, covering many subjects from Medical to Maths, Geography to Geology, Law to Landscape garden design, and Physics to Philosophy. You can even add your own corrections! The beauty of the software is that it allows you to focus on the content of your writing, then work on your spelling in your own time. There is a Windows and Mac version available.”

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Our Aim is to enable individuals with speech and language disabilities to become successful communicators

For most of us the power of speech is taken for granted but not being able to communicate verbally is usually a major obstacle in achieving full potential in educational, vocational, and personal pursuits. We believe everyone deserves a voice and our mission to help our clients achieve their full potential in life. Our assistive technology solutions focus on language development and support independent and spontaneous communication to enrich lives. Our communication aids support a wide range of language solutions including Unity, easyChat, The Grid, WordPower and text-based systems, are highly flexible, easy to program and backed by unrivalled warranty and support packages

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Moray House School of Education

The Moray House School of Education ("Moray House") is a school within the College of Humanities and Social Science at the University of Edinburgh. It is based in historic buildings on the Holyrood Campus, located between the Canongate and Holyrood Road.

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Nessy has been making fun, educational software since 1999 and our programs are now in use in over 10,000 schools worldwide.

The founder of Nessy, Mike Jones, is passionate about helping all children enjoy learning. Mike leads the development of all Nessy programs, ensuring they are uniquely qualified to help dyslexic children and struggling readers.

Nessy programs are designed to help address the specific difficulties caused by dyslexia and have proven to be effective for children of all abilities.

You can now use Nessy at school, at home or on the go! Further information can be found at

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Pass IT On

Pass IT On is a charity which adapts donated computers for people with disabilities who live in the EH (Edinburgh and Lothians) post code area. Clients can be of any age - the only requirement is that it would be difficult or impossible for them to use publicly available computers (eg in the library). 

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Pretorian Technologies Ltd

With over forty years experience in the design of trackballs, Pretorian Technologies is ISO 9001:2015 registered for the design and manufacture of human input devices for the Special Needs and Industrial markets. Through the combination of state-of-the-art design techniques and manufacturing expertise, Pretorian Technologies products are sold worldwide via a large network of Distributors and specialist OEMs.

For the Special Needs market Pretorian Technologies range of Assistive Technology and Communication products is the most comprehensive and extensive of any manufacturer, and includes the unique SimplyWorks® family of wireless AT and AAC products

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Prowise is a leading UK-Dutch company that invests in innovative, high quality and reliable digital education solutions. Using our self-developed touchscreens, personal devices, lift systems and user-friendly Presenter and Central software allow us to make learning and collaboration more accessible, effective and enjoyable. More than 20,000 schools, 200,000 teachers in 16 countries; including most recently every Primary School in Angus Council, make use of the Prowise Solutions.

The Prowise touchscreen and mobile lift is adaptable and accessible for wheelchair users. Recent installations at several ASN learning spaces in Angus Council and Carrongrange High School in Falkirk, highlight examples of inclusive learning and collaboration.

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CandLE:, offers services throughout the UKand specialise in:

  • AACcommunication systems
  • Supporting access the mainstream curriculumfor students who use AAC
  • Supporting literacy learning for students who rely on AAC
  • National provision of the AAC City & Guilds

ScandLE www.scandle.orgoffer literacy resources for sale.

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Scanning Pens Ltd

To give students the confidence to read independently in and out of their exams! As a leading Assistive Technology supplier for over 15 years, we combine our expert knowledge with years of experience in the dyslexia field to develop solutions for individuals, educational institutions helping people with reading difficulties such as dyslexia read on their own. #succeedwithdyslexia

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Sight and Sound

Sight and Sound Technology Ltd are the UK’s leading provider of hardware and software to the blind, visually impaired and those with learning/reading difficulties.  We work in unison with private individuals, charitable organisations, educational establishments and commercial enterprises.

A commitment to continual product refinement and innovation means that our products are simple to set up and easy-to-use.

Providing our customers with responsive training/support.  We work in conjunction with our customers/suppliers to ensure that their experiences are factored into products that we develop in combination with our partners, the leading companies in this industry. 

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We create assistive technology to help children and adults with disabilities communicate and live independently; enabling people to be who they are.

Our products combine the latest tablet computer technology with the very best alternative access and software for eye gaze, switch, touch and pointing devices. 

Grid Pad is our most flexible solution for people with complex access and communication needs. Designed in collaboration with AAC users, Grid Pad features a 15-hour battery life, rugged design and multiple access options ensure you always have your voice. All our communication aids are powered by Grid 3, allowing you to communicate, control your environment and access your computer. Grid 3 includes a wide range of robust resources for people of all ages with different levels of literacy. 

From learning in new and interactive ways to intuitive and efficient communication for text and symbol users, we have solutions to support you now and in the future. Find out more and contact us at, your questions are always welcome. 

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Sonocent develops software that enables students to achieve more. Our tools combine audio, colour highlighting, text, images and presentation slides all into a single visual and kinaesthetic workspace for learning. Sonocent’s software visualises speech from audio recordings, making audio as easy to access and manipulate as text. Our software can be used to help learners take notes in class, compose essays, practice presentations and more. Our software has already helped over 120,000 students worldwide, and is used extensively in the UK.

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Talking Mats

Talking Mats is a social enterprise whose vision is to improve the lives of people with communication difficulties by increasing their capacity to think through and communicate effectively about things that matter to them. The tool is now being used widely with people of all ages and abilities across the world.

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TechCess is dedicated to helping people with little or no clear speech communicate more effectively.  We recognise that effective communication improves the quality of life for every one of us. Driven by the satisfaction of our users, we passionately supply and support innovative ‘talking technology’ (or Augmentative and Alternative Communication products) for use by anyone with a speech impairment.

Come and visit our talk today to find out how we support people with Cerebral Palsy, Motor Neurone Disease and many other conditions to communicate with Mind Express software, the all new Vibe3 and many other products such as the Allora, Tellus 5, Mobi 3 Zingui and Smart 3.    

Our Mind Express 4 software is not just about communication, it can also be used for education, computer access and game playing. There are many useful vocabulary packages available for Mind Express including Score and CARLA. SCORE is a successful symbol based strategy that can be used at a very early stage to develop and increase language development, hence facilitating and improving communication skills. CARLA is used as a receptive language tool for recording user's receptive language comprehension.

We cover the whole of the UK and happy to come and do free demonstration visits. We also supply free loans of all of equipment including EyeGaze devices.

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At Texthelp, our mission is simple - to help everyone understand and be understood. To do this, we provide a range of software tools to enable and support every level of student to succeed and excel with Literacy and STEM subjects. Our flagship product, Read&Write provides a comprehensive set of features to increase levels of reading, writing and comprehension right across the school. EquatIO makes maths digital – transforming mathematics and STEM subjects into a richer, more rewarding experience for students and teachers alike. Working as toolbars, and in use by over 20 million users around the world, Texthelp products integrate seamlessly into G Suite for Education, Microsoft Word, the web and mobile.

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Tobii Dynavox

Tobii Dynavox is the global leader and pioneer in touch and eye tracking based augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices and developer of the well known and loved Boardmaker family of software. Our 100% focus and commitment to customers helps to empower and enable them to realise more successful and meaningful communication. Tobii Dynavox was formed in 2014 when Tobii Assistive Technology (founded in 2001) merged with Dynavox Systems (founded in 1983) creating the world leader in devices, software and tools for alternative communication giving thousands of people in need around the world the ability to communicate despite any limitations.

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