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9:50 - 10:30am (room 1, 2 & 3)

Room 1: Removing Barriers to Learning in High school

Presenter(s): Lucy McKie and Iona Hoyle, Dumfries High School

Suitable for: Secondary, FE & HE

Dumfries High School have a support base called ‘Removing Barriers to Learning’.  Staff working in this base have a strong belief that Assistive Technology is an important part of ensuring access to the curriculum for all their mainstream learners with Additional Support Needs.

In this workshop, Lucy McKie and Iona Hoyle, two enthusiastic practitioners, will share their day to day stories of the support they provide and what technologies can provide the opportunity for greater independence, raised attainment and importantly, better pupil self-esteem and confidence. 

They will show how creative use of Word templates has made life easier for some of their learners with dyslexia, CVI and visual stress. They have also developed a system to help Pupil Support Assistants know how to use the technologies with the learners. This will be a great workshop to pick up ideas you can replicate in your school setting.

Room 2: Using Grid as a whole school tool

Presenter(s): Kerry Vacara & Graeme Innes, Smartbox

Suitable for: Primary & Secondary, FE & HE, Special Schools, ASN bases

Grid AAC software empowers people with disabilities to communicate, control their environment and live more independent lives.  It is designed for anyone with complex communication or access needs and includes a wide range of resources for all ages and levels of literacy.

In this workshop, Kerry and Graeme will look at how Grid can be used as a whole school tool to support communication, learning and independence. They will look at a case study from a school and explore how they have implemented the software in the classroom and beyond. They will share example resources that can be used for different parts of the school day and learning, as well as sharing ideas for things that are important to bear in mind when considering implementing Grid.

This workshop is designed to spark ideas and discussion and we hope it will provide an insight into the possibilities Grid can provide.

Room 3: Supporting students with reading difficulties by using the C-Pen Reader 2

Presenter(s): Jim Bowen, Scanning Pens

Suitable for: Primary, Secondary, FE & HE

Individuals with neurodiverse differences can find accessing text challenging.  We know that being literate unlocks a world of opportunity for work, learning and communication.  If text is in a digital format we can use Text-to-Speech but what if it is on paper?  

The C-Pen Reader 2 is a convenient portable tool to support independent reading and literacy.  You can scan text with the device to have words read out with natural speaking voices.  This allows dyslexic learners to ‘read’ books, magazines, worksheets, printed letters etc.

In this workshop, Jim, a dyslexic himself, will demo this brand new C-Pen Reader 2 and showcase all the new features which can provided new levels of  support in the classroom.  He will explain how the Reader Pen has been successfully used in schools all over Scotland and he will discuss the research that has been carried out to prove its effectiveness.