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1. Familiarise yourself with Microsoft Teams

We will be using Microsoft Teams for the online workshop, and you should receive an email with a button that will give you access to the the event on the day.

There is some useful guidance and videos introducing Microsoft Teams to help you get started.

2. Check your headphones/speakers

Please check in advance that the headphones or speakers on your computer/laptop are working before you join the session.

We will not be able to provide support or help if you experience sound problems so, please as your ICT person for help.

3. Please enter your full name if joining as a guest

4. Try to log in on time

The presentations will start promptly and the first will be at 9:00am (UK time) - there will also be a Welcome session at 8:50am. If you don't want to miss anything then please try to log in 10 minutes before each session starts to make sure everything works.

5. Questions and answers

Each presentations will last for 30 minutes and there will be 10 minutes at the end for Q&As.