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10:40 - 11:20am (room 1, 2 & 3)

Room 1: What's new in the Pretorian toolbox?

Presenter(s): Bob Sagoo and Tim Robson, Pretorian

Suitable for: Primary & Secondary, FE & HE, Special Schools, ASN bases

The team at Pretorian Technologies take immense pride in their desire to use their abilities to help those who need a little extra help. Their mission is to provide help to children and young people with ASN and in turn, empower them to get the most from life. They do this by continually innovating their assistive products and technology, listening to their market for what adaptations users need; all whilst developing and manufacturing our products in-house.

In this workshop,  Bob and Tim will take the opportunity to review some of the features they have recently added to some of their most popular products such as n-ABLER, Optima, APPlicator and Smooth Talker, and discuss how they can benefit the user and the Occupational Therapist alike.

So whether it’s simply adding a dwell clicker to n-ABLER or bigger, scene-setters such as including Gaming features in their products, they hope there will be something amongst them to interest everybody and to enhance the lives of our children and young people with complex needs. 

Room 2: Setting meaningful targets using AAC

Presenter(s): Karen Watson, ASN teacher

Suitable for: Primary & Secondary, Special Schools, ASN bases

How we can use symbol supported communication to involve our complex learners in their personal learning targets?

In this workshop, Karen will cover target setting, including looking at appropriate goals, how to display these goals in an appropriate way for the child, success criteria and how to measure progress, both as a teacher and as the child themselves in the form of self and peer assessment.  She will also discuss how to track progress in a meaningful and accessible way.

This session will leave you with a clear idea of how to create an accessible document, using whatever AAC or communication requirements a child may have. This document can be shared within the team, with the child’s family and within the classroom, to give real ownership and accountability. In short, this is a way of handing a child’s learning goals back to them, and involving them in their learning journey, no matter what communication needs they have. 

Room 3: Assisting communication and writing for all pupils using Clicker

Presenter(s): Sophie Stevenson, Crick Software

Suitable for: Primary & Secondary, Special Schools, ASN bases

Clicker is a child friendly word processing software package that supports primary pupils with reading, writing, talking, and listening.  It includes Clicker for Windows devices, a suite of Clicker Apps for iPads and Chromebooks and thousands of ready-made resources for teaching lessons right across the curriculum. Clicker can foster a more inclusive learning environment and allows teachers to create differentiated resources to provide just the right level of support and challenge for learners of all abilities.

In this workshop, Sophie will demo the software/apps highlighting all the excellent features to support learners with literacy and/or communication difficulties.  She will discuss how the widespread adoption of Clicker across the last few years proved vital to hundreds of schools in closing the learning gap created during the pandemic.