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12:20 - 1:00pm (room 1, 2 & 3)

Room 1: Accessible Reading Books for learners with complex communication support needs and physical disabilities

Presenter(s): Joanna Courtney (Specialist Speech and Language Therapist), CALL Scotland

Suitable for: Primary & Secondary, FE & HE, Special Schools, ASN bases

The difficulty for school staff can sometimes be providing the learner with suitable reading material, at the right level, which they can access successfully and continue to provide these materials as the learner's reading skills develop throughout school.

In this workshop, Joanna will talk about her experience out in schools working with pupils who have complex additional support needs.  She is often asked what reading materials are available, how best to create suitable resources and, most commonly, whether there are existing reading schemes which are accessible to the learner without staff having to make every book from scratch.  She will explore options both on Windows and iOS for creating your own accessible digital versions of reading books, as well as highlighting digital reading schemes which have good accessibility features.

Room 2: Inclusive Stories for Everyone!

Presenter(s): Pete Wells

Suitable for: Primary & Secondary, Special Schools, ASN bases

Join the irrepressible Pete Wells as he takes you on an entertaining and informative journey through the wonderful world of Inclusive Technology's brand-new ‘Inclusive Stories’ platform. A Sensory Stories pioneer for over twenty years, Pete is the proud author and creator of the platform, which has already been nominated in the 'Best SEND Resources, Products & Services' category in the prestigious BETT Awards 2023. 
Pete will showcase his engaging, beautifully produced, always cheeky stories, which have been lovingly written to address a huge number of relevant, sensitive or traditionally difficult to address issues for learners with special educational needs. The stories can be accessed on most devices and can be controlled using the majority of access methods, meaning that ANYONE can become a special storyteller!
During the presentation, Pete will discuss the many benefits of the stories, ways to adapt them for differing cohorts, highlight some of the many key issues they can address and share some of the thousands of lovingly created resources that accompany them. 

Room 3: Jump start your reading with Reading Wise!

Presenter(s): Caroline Shepherd, Reading Wise

Suitable for: Primary, Special Schools, ASN bases

ReadingWise is an evidence based, online reading intervention that jump-starts reading for those who are falling behind. Since 2015, ReadingWise has reached nearly 100,000 pupils. The average reading age increase is an incredible 9.7 months after on average, 12 hours programme of work. 

In this workshop, Caroline will show you all the Reading Wise resources.  She will provide information on how the intervention is carried out starting with a description of the work trained staff do with up to 10 learners at a time in regular sessions. Learners work through online lessons personalised to their specific areas of reading difficulty. ReadingWise staff work closely with both primary and secondary schools to ensure that the resources are targeted and implemented in the most effective ways according to evidence from research.