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Session Information

12:20 - 1:00pm (room 1, 2 & 3)

Room 1: Creating a Digital Environment for Learners with ASN

Presenter(s): Elle Smith, St Johns High School , Dundee

Suitable for: Primary & Secondary

What began as a targeted effort to support her dyslexic learners quickly revealed its broader potential. Now, the learners and staff alike are discovering the transformative impact of these accessible tools. In this workshop Elle will share how these technologies have empowered everyone in her learning community in fostering a more inclusive and efficient learning environment. She will share how this culture has been developed further in a school cluster approach to support the transition between primary and secondary.

Room 2: Scanning Pens and the impact

Presenter(s): Katie Mayers, Scanning Pens

Suitable for: Primary & Secondary, FE & HE, Special Schools, ASN bases

Katie will be talking about the two main devices Scanning Pens have to support schools, Reader 2 and Exam Reader 2. They are text-to -speech devices proven to increase reading and comprehension by 10 months in just 8 weeks of use and are already supporting thousands of schools across the UK.

Room 3: Communication-Rich Responsive Environments for People with Complex Needs

Presenter(s): Lee Blemings, Sensory Guru

Suitable for: Primary & Secondary, Special Schools, ASN bases

In this workshop, we will delve into the creation and utilisation of communication-rich environments tailored for individuals with complex needs. We will explore technological strategies and techniques to enhance responsiveness and engagement, ensuring that these environments are adaptable and inclusive. Participants will learn how to effectively integrate sensory elements, assistive technology, and personalised approaches to foster better communication and support for their clients.

This virtual session will involve live demonstrations from our Sensory Learning Lab, case studies, and collaborative discussions, providing practical tools and insights for immediate application in therapeutic settings.