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Session Information

1:30 - 2:10pm (room 1, 2 & 3)

Room 1: The Water Feels Fine: Jumping into Visual Supports and More with LessonPix

Presenter(s): Elisa Wern, LessonPix

Suitable for: Primary & Secondary, Special Schools, ASN bases

LessonPix is the affordable and easy to use solution for creating printable or digital visual supports and materials. You can use LessonPix to create everything from interactive digital learning materials to eye gaze boards, all in minutes. 

In this workshop, Beth will be using the theme of summer and a fun water themed book, appropriate for all ages.  She will take you through the process of finding images, choosing a template, and making a ready to use digital or print resource in LessonPix in less than 5 minutes. She will also look at how to maximize your valuable time with ready to go materials from the Sharing Center and to quickly and easily adapt resources made by others. Learn how just one tray of images can be used over and over to create new and engaging themed materials that can be quickly shared with the learners, educators, and families that you support.  

This session will help those new to LessonPix get started while showing even experienced LessonPix users new tips, templates and images.

Room 2: Design for Learning and Access to the AAC City and Guilds Qualification

Presenter(s): Annamaria Madera, CandLE

Suitable for: Primary, Secondary, FE & HE

In the first part of this workshop, Annamaria will introduce the participants to CandLE's innovative use of Grid 3 software to enable curriculum access including the development of our own qualifications pathway supporting student who rely on AAC to work towards nationally recognized qualifications. She will introduce a range of books that can be accessed via subscription and give a  brief introduction to the CandLE literacy programme which covers a wide range of learning needs from supporting students labeled as having Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties through to those who could, with appropriate input, be planning to access conventional, mainstream learning.

In the second part of the workshop, she will be introducing the qualification they are currently able to offer throughout the UK called 'The AAC City and Guilds'. The AAC City and Guilds enables students who rely on AAC to gain a qualification in their use of AAC through developing their communication skills across the domains of conversation skills, directing others, asserting independence, remote communication, dealing with problems in daily life and organising their own AAC equipment.

Room 3: Boardmaker 7 & TD Snap: Using symbol based resources to support communication, behaviour and participation.

Presenter(s): Alice Langley and Catherine McGuire (Tobii Dynavox)

Suitable for: Primary, Secondary, FE & HE

Symbols can provide great support for students with a wide range of needs. Using picture symbols as visual supports benefits learners of all abilities, from developing language and learning to understanding the environment. Their use can improve outcomes and raise attainment of many learners, beyond those with identified Additional Support Needs.

Boardmaker 7 software is used to create exciting new activities from templates or from scratch and gives you access to over 40,000 Picture Communication Symbols (PCS).  TD Snap is a flexible software offering a choice of AAC solutions to help people with communication impairment. 

In this workshop, Alice and Catherine will explore the use of symbols and look at a range of resources to create and implement symbol-based activities to help support communication, behavior, and participation in a classroom environment. They will begin with explaining what symbols are and how to use them, and then demonstrate how to create both low-tech and high-tech activities.  They will show videos and discuss case studies showing how Boardmaker 7 and TD Snap have been used to support learning throughout the day.