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Session Information

2:20 - 3:00pm (room 1, 2 & 3)

Room 1: Support Learner accessibility with iPads & Digital Technology

Presenter(s): Linsey Miller, Sacred Heart Primary School

Suitable for: Primary & Secondary, FE & HE, Special Schools, ASN bases

This workshop will be led by Linsey Miller, a teacher of ASN and autism, and a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert & Apple Teacher who is passionate about delivering best practice in digital pedagogy across the curriculum.

Many schools already use iPads as part of their learning and teaching, and with the rollout of iPads in several local authorities across the country, we have in our classrooms a fantastic learning tool to effectively support learners with barriers to learning including communications difficulties, EAL and dyslexia.
Even with just a small number of devices available, teachers can revolutionise learning in language and communications for ALL learners in both mainstream, SfL and special education.
As well as an overview of the series of accessibility lessons I co-created, I will show you how you can use iPad and laptop devices in your class for short burst activities that will support learners, as well as reduce teacher workload for differentiation of phonics and spelling activities.

Room 2: Empowering Inclusive Learning: Texthelp Tools in Education

Presenter(s): Danielle (Texthelp) and Carla (GEG Scotland)

Suitable for: Primary, Secondary, FE & HE

Texthelp provides digital tools for inclusive education. Join Danielle and Carla as they explore how Texthelp tools engage learners and empower educators. This session will demonstrate how Texthelp's solutions across reading, writing and maths, incorporate UDL best practices, breaking down barriers to learning and fostering an inclusive environment where every learner can thrive from the classroom to the exams hall.

Room 3: Eye gaze access - from gaming to studying

Presenter(s): Kirsty McNaught, Technology Consultant, K. McNaught Consulting Ltd

Suitable for: Primary & Secondary, FE & HE, Special Schools, ASN bases

Kirsty McNaught is a software engineer working in the field of assistive technology. With a background in engineering, neuroscience and machine learning, she works on making gaming and computing more accessible to everyone, with a particular focus on eye-gaze access.

Kirsty first worked on eye gaze access when building EyeMine, an interface that gives full eye-gaze access to Minecraft. Since then, some of the earliest EyeMine players have gone on to forge their own path in pursuing computer science education. At the same time, Kirsty has taken what was learned from EyeMine to expand eye gaze access to more games and now closely supports one individual with access to her undergraduate studies. This workshop will discuss eye gaze access to Minecraft and other games, as well as learning to code with eye gaze. We will also explore some challenges along the undergraduate journey, including communication access for technical vocabulary, literacy challenges, physical computing and study skills.